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Internationalized Domain Names

IDN Dispute Resolution
The National Arbitration Forum is pleased to offer domain name dispute resolution for Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)* that fall within the UDRP and related rule sets. IDNs are domain names that use non-ASCII* compatible characters. All of the forms available on our website for the appropriate rule set will apply to IDN cases.

* - denotes defined term; see "Definitions" below

Filing Requirements
When filing an Complaint regarding an IDN domain name, the Complainant must provide the National Arbitration Forum with the PUNYCODE* translation of the domain name at the time of filing. This PUNYCODE string is actually what is registered with the Registrar. To obtain the PUNYCODE translation for an IDN, follow the steps in the following section. Please also include the PUNYCODE translation of the domain name you are seeking in the body of your Complaint.

Finally, when sending your Complaint for an IDN case, please provide us with either a Microsoft Word version of your Complaint or a Word document with the IDN in it so that we can copy and paste the IDN exactly as you have written it. We will be unable to process your Complaint until you have done so.

RACE and PUNYCODE Translations
VeriSign offers a free online tool that translates inputted IDN’s into RACE* and PUNYCODE outputs. 

1. Enter or copy and paste the IDN into the box on the webpage.
2. Click “convert.”
3. The PUNYCODE translation is supplied for you.

IDN (Internationalized Domain Name): A .com or .net domain name that is represented in non-English characters and symbols, with .com and .net appended at the end in English letters. IDN names are encoded in Unicode and display in their native language such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean. When entered into a Web browser or other application for name resolution by the DNS system, the Unicode is converted into ASCII Compatible Encoding (ACE), also known as "Punycode." The Punycode is an ASCII representation of the Unicode characters and symbols. (Source: Wikipedia)

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange): A character encoding based on the English alphabet. ASCII codes represent text in computers, communications equipment, and other devices that work with text. Most modern character encodings—which support many more characters—have a historical basis in ASCII. (Souce: Wikipedia)

PUNYCODE: A simple and efficient ASCII-Compatible Encoding (ACE) designed for use with Internationalized Domain Names. It transforms a Unicode string into a string of characters allowed in hostname labels (ASCII letters, digits, and hyphens) and back again. (Source: VeriSign)

RACE (Row-Based ASCII Compatible Encoding [ACE]): A string of ASCII characters that have been registered in the VeriSign GRS IDN Testbed. (Source: VeriSign)


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