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ICM Registry’s Rapid Evaluation Service


Once you have familiarized yourself with the RES the RES Rules and the FORUM's RES
Supplemental Rules, you may click the links below to file online. For assistance, refer to our instructions for filing a Complaint and filing a Response.

Online Filing for RES Complaints

The Basics
The RES (Rapid Evaluation Service) is the first domain name dispute policy of its kind. It was adopted by ICM Registry with an effective date of September 1, 2011. The RES applies to second-level domain names ending in .xxx.

The RES may apply to Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).

Rules and Fees
Together, the RES Policy,
the RES Rules and the FORUM's
RES Supplemental Rules govern disputes falling under the scope of the RES.   

The current fee schedule is located at Supplemental Rule 17.

Online Filing
Once you have familiarized yourself with the RES Policy and Rules and our RES Supplemental Rules, you may file your complaint or response online (see the inset box above). For assistance, refer to the filing instructions and model forms listed below.  You will create a login when you file for the first time.  If you’ve filed with us before, either as a complainant or a respondent, even if you've never participated in RES, please use your existing login information for each case.


File an RES Complaint: Step-by-step instructions for filing a Complaint.

File an RES Response: Step-by-step instructions for responding to a Complaint.

The FORUM's RES Supplemental Rules: These rules outline the FORUM's administration of the RES, including our fees.


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