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Once you have familiarized yourself with the ERDRP, the ERDRP Rules and the FORUM's ERDRP Supplemental Rules, you may click the links below to file online. For assistance, refer to our instructions for filing a Complaint and filing a Response as well as our model forms.

Online Filing for ERDRP Complaints

Online Filing for ERDRP Responses

The Basics
The ERDRP (Eligibility Requirements Dispute Resolution Policy) applies to registered Internet domain names with a .name extension and defensive registrations that prevent registration of domain names with a .name extension. Complainants who can claim trademark rights in the disputed domain name may also choose to utilize the provisions of the UDRP (see ERDRP Policy Para. 1). The ERDRP is sponsored by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

The ERDRP may apply to Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).

Rules and Fees
Together, the ERDRP Rules and the FORUM’s ERDRP Supplemental Rules govern disputes falling under the scope of the ERDRP. For cases filed before 01/01/06, please refer to previous versions of the FORUM’s ERDRP Supplemental Rules.

The fee schedule for the FORUM’s ERDRP domain name dispute services can be found in its ERDRP Supplemental Rules, Rule 17 (Fees).

Manual and Online Filing
Once you have familiarized yourself with the ERDRP Rules and the FORUM’s ERDRP Supplemental Rules, you may file manually or you may file online (see the inset box above). For assistance, refer to the filing instructions and model forms listed below.

Instructions, Forms and More
Download ERDRP Model Forms: Download several model forms, including model Complaint forms and Response forms.

File an ERDRP Complaint: Step-by-step instructions for filing a Complaint.

File an ERDRP Response: Step-by-step instructions for responding to a Complaint.

File or Respond to ERDRP Additional Submissions: Instructions, procedures and time limitations for filing (and responding to) additional written statements.

The FORUM's ERDRP Supplemental Rules: These rules outline the FORUM's administration of the ERDRP, including our fees.


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